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NEW!!!  Beginning fall 2006, we will be using the Prairie Primer unit study along with TruthQuest AHYS II.   Mikaela is so excited to dig into the Little House books and live the time period with pioneer crafts and games!  On the last leg of the year, Winter Term, we will be covering the Civil War and doing a Unit on Slavery by Teacher-Created Materials.  Just to mix things up a bit, we plan to take several breaks from our history studies and do science-related units on Electricity (TOPS), Light/Human Eye (KONOS), Horses (KONOS), and Industrial Revolution/Simple Machines (Teacher-Created Materials).

We haven't done much in the way of unit studies for the past couple of years, so this should be a fun excursion!   Click on the 2006-7 TruthQuest  Schedule below to take a peek.   Also, take a look at the 4th Grade weekly unit study schedule below.

2006-7 Truthquest AHYS II Schedule (HTML)

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TruthQuest AHYS I Schedule 2005-6


2004-5 Veritas Press Middle Ages Schedule

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Dinner Schedules

Need a schedule for dinner?  Do you open up the freezer at 5:30 with no idea what's for dinner?   How about a pre-made schedule WITH pre-done shopping lists to print or copy and easy recipes!  Check out Saving Dinner and let Leanne do all the planning for you!  We are using the Low Carb version--and the recipes have been hits for my family! Leanne gives both low carb and 'regular' options for each meal.   I am so excited about this homemaking tool for busy moms!  For more info and a sample menu, visit Leanne's website at www.savingdinner.com

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