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Massachusetts map made using MAPS! The World and United States outline map and Scholastic Atlas Of The United States.

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Massachusetts State Symbols Tap Top Book.  Directions are in Dinah Zike's Big Book of Books page 80.  

CLICK! See inside!

More of my Massachusetts State Symbols Tab Top Book 

CLICKTurn page and see inside!

Massachusetts Question and Answer Book. Directions in Big Book of Books page 20. 

CLICK! See inside Questions! (Questions flip up to reveal Answers)

Ann Hutchinson's story.  CLICK! See full size!

Roger Williams, founder of Rhode Island. 

CLICK ROGER!  See my Rhode Island map!

Rhode Island Symbols Layered Book.  Directions in Big Book of Books page 70.

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New Hampshire Symbols Matchbooks.  Directions in Big Book of Books page 26.

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My map of New Hampshire.


CLICK the map!  See my NH Symbols matchbooks flipped up to show NH state rock, flag, and animal.


Connecticut surrounded by state symbols.

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Iroquois Legend of the Three Sisters -- Corn, Bean and Squash.

Did the Iroqois live in teepees?  CLICK Three Sisters! to find the answer!

I chose the  Native name   Runs-Like-Horse during out Native American studies!  What name would you choose and why?

What happened to naughty Iroquois children???  What haircut did the the Iroquois make famous???  CLICK Choose a Name! to find out!

Salem Witch Hysteria

CLICK Salem page for full size!

New York Bound Book.  Directions in Big Book of Books page 50.

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